Executive Skills

Professional Help

Problems with executive function can occur only occasionally and during very difficult activities (e.g. exams), whilst for other people they can occur frequently and repetitively (folding your wheelchair to fit it into your car).

Your health professional may teach you how to break down tasks into sections and plan in a very structured, step-by-step way. This is a skill that can be applied to any situation or problem that needs solving. After a few practices in real-life situations, they will leave you to apply your new skill on your own to all activities that require it.

If learning a procedure to apply to many situations is too much for you, your health professional may concentrate on the particular steps that are necessary for a specific task. These steps will be rehearsed. They may be written down or cued in some other way (e.g. letter or number prompts).

See also “professional help general information”.

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